Stop absolutely everything! League Of Legends: Riot Games would be preparing its own Cinematic Universe

UNITED STATES.- Every time a new video of League of Legends The fans of the popular video game come out and make the same trend. But everything seems to indicate that the dream of many and many gamers will come true: Riot Games would be planning his own Cinematographic Universe after the great acceptance that your merchandise has had in all aspects.

After expanding the Runeterra universe, various aspects of this world have been developed with stories, comics and projects that are in process. So, Riot Games It seems that he wants to throw the house out the window and jump for all the tiles to create his own Cinematic Universe. Of course, a large number of people have assured that it could be a rumor, but reality points the other way.

The developer’s official site has launched two rather curious job vacancies: “Global Head of Live Action Film” and “Global Head of Live Action TV.” For this reason, social networks and the lolera community has gone crazy and it is not for less, because this implies that people are needed to direct movies and series, so new products are on the doorstep of the League Of Legends.

In this same context, one of the phrases within the offered position stands out, which would be the most obvious of all this: “Working in the development of films about the cinematographic universe of League of Legends”. Of course, the bet is extremely large and that is why they ask for at least 8 years of experience in the entertainment and production sector, so we can be in front of a real bomb.

Undeniably the gamer community has gone crazy, seeing a large number of characters and stories from the “lolsito” on the big and small screen is one more joy for those who love Runeterra stories. For this reason, Riot Games is aiming high and it seems that the competition of Marvel or DC Comics is around the corner and is approaching like a true bulldozer.

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