Stop absolutely everything! Lucifer Season 5b already has a release date

UNITED STATES.- The season 5b of Lucifer already has a date of premiere to the joy and sadness of its millions of fans. The series of Netflix starring Tom ellis, Lauren German and Lesley-Ann Brandt would be arriving at the platform of streaming May 28, 2021 as a prelude to the end. For this reason, social networks have gone crazy and it is not for less, since it has been one of the most popular productions.

In this sense, the series that started on FOX will have eight episodes and will have a sixth installment with 10 more, so Season 6 would be the farewell to the “King of the Underworld.” Therefore, let us remember that the story titled “Lucifer, Morning Star” was canceled after three seasons, so Netflix came to the rescue to place it as one of its bastion productions.

For his part, Tom Ellis shared a farewell message on his official Instagram account with a lighter with the start and end dates of the filming stage. “Today is the day. 6 years ago I started a journey with the most incredible group of people and today we say goodbye with great affection. Thanks to all the crew members who have helped bring the story of Lucifer. What a trip, ”the 42-year-old actor wrote.

Meanwhile, colleagues from the cast of Lucifer have also shown their emotion. In this way, Rachael Harris, Tom Welling and Tricia Helfer, members of the series, reacted to Ellis’s posting. In turn, Lauren German also took to social networks to share a video where you can glimpse the entire production team in a toast to the end of the work done for so many years.

Lucifer”Tells the story of the King of the Underworld who, fed up with hell, abandons his throne in the underworld and moves to the city of Los Angeles, where he starts working as a homicide detective. The series stars Tom Ellis (Lucifer Morningstar), Lauren German (Chloe Decker), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Mazikeen), Kevin Alejandro (Dan), DB Woodside (Amenadiel), Rachael Harris (Linda Martin) and Aimee Garcia (Ella Lopez), among others and others.

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