Stop everything! “Age of Empires IV” in detail with a trailer bomb

USA.- “Age of Empires IV”Is one of the most anticipated titles by the gamer community. The developer Relic Entertainment is the one in charge of this video game and, after the success of the “Definitive Editions”, this new installment has been seen for the first time and in depth. The classic strategy has generated great hype and it is not for less and in the Intra News we will tell you a little more about him and we bring you the incredible trailer.

In this sense, it is worth noting that there was a very small event where with only half an hour new details were revealed and an in-game game was carried out. In this way, the civilizations that will make it up were also made known, all this by the content creator of Age of Empires, ZeroEmpires, which led to full attention from AOE fans.

Therefore, Age Of Empires IV will have four novel campaigns and one of them has as its premise the conquest of Normandy with the new protagonist Guillermo de Normandía. Meanwhile, there will also be four new civilizations that are a true bomb in terms of veracity and, of course, in the hard work that requires polishing all the details by Relic Entertainment.

Likewise, the amazing architecture, military formations and costumes in general have been highlighted, which have generated a stir among the community. gamer. In addition, something important has been underlined: the mechanics of the game based on the characteristics of the civilizations. For example, the Mongols will be able to move their settlements as it happens and happened to be a nomadic people.

For all the above, it has been seen that the in-game civilizations are: Chinese Civilization; Sultanate of Delhi civilization; English Civilization; Mongolian civilization. Of course, the two trailers are a real bomb that has left the public speechless. Finally, it is important to note that “Age Of Empires IV” will arrive in the fall of 2021 and will be available on the Microsoft Store on PC, Steam and Xbox Game Pass on PC.

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