Stop everything! An epic mobile video game is back and looks amazing

UNITED STATES.- The developer Tencent has revealed new details of the epic comeback of “Metal slug“, Because this popular videogame will arrive for cell phones. In this way, the gamers have shown themselves with full emotion and it is not for less, because after the rumors and official pronouncements the nostalgia returned and everything seems to indicate that it will be a real bomb.

The above was given during the conference in which the games in which the various studios have been working. For this reason, the start of the “closed beta” of the video game was confirmed and a short gameplay video was shown. In this sense, analyst Daniel Ahmad assured that its title will be “Metal Slug: Awakening” and its tests will begin on May 22, 2021 in China.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to specify that the return of the classic is being developed by the study TiMi, owned by Tencent. In turn, it has already been notified that SNK has given the go-ahead, so the arcade game shoot’em up is being one of the most anticipated titles by the gaming community. Also, the trailer that has been shown is a real bomb that promises too much.

Source: Metal Slug Attack on Twitter.

The video reveals a highly updated detail regarding the game’s graphics. The 2D perspective will be maintained but with some 3D models on the stages, enemies and characters. In turn, many media assure that this has been the biggest graphic update that the franchise has had, although many and many will surely live on the memory of those pixels.

Another thing that is shown in the audiovisual is the epic return of several classic levels and the bosses that caused us so much headache. So far there is no release date but, although they have already announced their beta for the end of May, it is almost a fact that in the coming months it will be able to reach the rest of the world and, with it, the madness will be unleashed among the community loving “Metal Slug”.


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