Stop everything! Diamond rain on Jupiter and Saturn is it possible?

UNITED STATES.- A research group from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States has ensured that in Jupiter and in Saturn there could be a “diamond rain”. In this way, the amazing phenomenon has been detailed by this team of scientists, stating that the atmospheres of the two planets could generate 10 million tons of these precious stones.

Therefore, the study of the UW MSTP reveals that the conditions of Jupiter and Saturn would contribute to this incredible event. But in turn they specified that, due to the high levels of methane in the atmospheres of both planets, the storms that occur could convert these stones into carbon. In addition, the solidification process has some alterations that do not allow it to materialize as such.

In this process, the stone turns into small pieces of graphite until it becomes a diamond after its precipitation by the rain, but these return to their liquid state when they fall to the hot ground on these planets. Despite this, gemstones have a diameter of one centimeter, ideal for a ring, but the results of the research are still under scientific review.

Source: Greg Stewart / SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Although the exposed data follow this verification process, the team of experts assure that the diamond showers on Jupiter and Saturn “cannot be ruled out.” Recall that until now it had been reported the suspicion that only Uranus and Neptune had precious stones, and of course it was unknown that two more planets could have the ideal conditions to produce them.

Without a doubt that the universe It continues to surprise us in a constant and incredible way. In addition, astronomy allows us to get a little closer to everything that the space we inhabit suggests and where we are a small and tiny grain of sand. The findings of the research groups continue to take giant steps to the joy of lovers of all this amazing item.

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