Stop everything! They find the molecule that gave life to the Earth

UNITED STATES.- The existence of our Planet has generated an enormous amount of mysteries based on its origin. But recently the finding of the molecule “ethanolamine”, which would be the “cause” of giving life to the Land. Therefore, the discovery, made by the Astrobiology Center (CAB), in Spain, has impressed the lovers of the astronomy.

In this sense, the CAB revealed “ethanolamine” in a cloud that is close to our galaxy. Its composition, based on cell membranes of the phospholipid type, opens the opportunity that atoms have conditioned these to give way to the creation of life on Earth. Of course, this is just a theory and there is still a long way to go.

Similarly, it was explained that this discovery occurred when the international team of astrophysics and biochemistry were able to detect “ethanolamine” in the center of our galaxy. In addition, it was specified that this could be done with the help of the IRAM radio telescope, which is 30 meters in diameter and is located in Pico Veleta, Granada, Spain, as well as the Yebes Observatory for the use of a 40-centimeter aperture telescope.

Source: Official Site of the Center for Astrobiology.

“Thanks to the improvement in the sensitivity of current and next-generation radio telescopes, we will be able to detect increasingly complex molecules in space,” explained Víctor M. Rivilla, member of the CAB and lead author of the study for the Information System and Scientific News (SINC). He also added that ethanolamine acts as a substance that is very necessary to produce the creation of another.

On the other hand, Rivilla explained that “ethanolamine” has three of the six fundamental chemical elements to be able to create life. “Lipids (which form membranes), RNA and DNA nucleic acids (which contain and transmit genetic information), and proteins (which are responsible for metabolic activity).” Without a doubt an amazing find that has captivated the world of astronomy.