Strong rumors of retirement of Lewis Hamilton: “He is in the final stretch”

Lewis hamilton renewed his contract with the team Mercedes after several months of very intense negotiations. However, the German brand was very jealous of the orders made by the seven-time champion. That’s why Mercedes only renewed for one season with the Brit, fueling rumors of retirement at the end of the season. «Is in the final stretch«, They said a few hours ago.

After several years in Formula 1, many drivers once they leave the activity begin to dedicate themselves to journalism. Whether as commentators or as an important journalistic part, these figures add spectacle to the sport. David coulthard became one of the most respected journalists in the Formula 1 Paddock.

The Scotsman spoke in an interview to the podcast ‘On The Marbles’, and announced that in the coming months he can begin to define the future of Lewis Hamilton in the highest category of world motorsport. In his words, there is a ‘high probability’ that Hamilton will grab the suitcases and hang up the helmet, especially if he achieves an eighth title.

“He’s definitely on the home stretch, there’s no question about that. You would be a brave man if you say that he is going to run for three or four more years. Two maybe. One if. Then there is a high probability that he will retire. It makes a lot of sense. There are new rules in the next season “, said Coulthard who lives and knows the day to day of the category better than anyone.


For his part, in the last hours, Lewis Hamilton made it clear that once he leaves Formula 1, he already has in mind what his plans are to get on with his life. I never wanted to be a pop star or something like that. I just liked creating. I’m still doing it today and it’s quite therapeutic. When I put it on my friends they say, ‘You should do something.’ I have a lot more to share and maybe show a little more, “he said of his music.

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