Surprising: Sebastian Vettel revealed his environmental side with an incredible gesture

Sebastian vettel It is in the focus of all the news due to the poor results obtained in the 2020 season and the first date of this year. However, the pilot of Aston martin was this Wednesday at an environmental event, surprising several fans who did not know this facet of the four-time champion of the Formula 1.

The German announced that during the 2020 hiatus due to the pandemic of coronavirus, changed category. Away from road courses and single-seaters, Vettel actively collaborated with a farm that is dedicated to preserving bees that are in danger of extinction. In addition, he gave details of his new ‘organic and green life, which was totally unknown.

Green side

At an event in Vienna, the German gave details of his intervention in this farm. There he revealed his facet. «During the break I had more time to think about myself than I had planned, and I thought about what I could do and what things I liked, interested me. Agriculture and livestock is something that attracts me “, confessed the Aston Martin driver.

“As an athlete I focused on the nutrition aspect. What can you do to eat healthier and get the most out of your body? ”Asked Vettel at this event. “You ask yourself these doubts and you realize that not all vegetables are the same, and that not all apples, for example, have the same nutrients,” he added.

Finally, Vettel revealed details of how he lives with his new facet and the work he does with his three daughters every day. ”(During the break) I took advantage of my free time to learn more about this topic and it was very exciting to learn about it and talk with the people who deal with it. The girls were with me at first, but then I was left alone with the shovel, “he said.

Sebastian vettel

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