Suzanne Powell Writer is dead – cause of death -Obituary

Thank you very much for having given us so much light, Suzanne Powell. From our hearts we feel sorrow for your departure, but at the same time, joy for all the beings who are going to be able to enjoy your light in the next stage of your journey.

Suzanne Powell is fascinated by all things related to wealth. Since she was 13 years old, she has noticed that her single mother has no idea about money. Her humble childhood made her an ambitious and passionate financial adviser, now for 18 years. Suzanne will tell you that her only motivation is to change people’s lives, because she often works with women who are suddenly widowed or divorced, so she conceived to write a book to educate and empower women to take over finances.

Through her new book, her mission is to involve women in a meaningful process, linking their financial resources with their future goals. In this new book, Susanna spends time educating women in areas related to investment, insurance, credit, and estate planning.

This is also an intentional part of her financial planning process, because she knows that understanding important wealth concepts and taking action is an important part of a client’s long-term success. Recently, Susanna appeared in an article published on CNBC, Yahoo Finance, ABC, NBC, FOX, USA Today and Morningstar.

Suzanne currently serves as the trustee of the Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation and is the chairman of the board of Arbor Youth Services. She lives with her husband Chris, their six children and four dogs. Although their main home is in Lexington, Kentucky, they regularly travel to a second office in a Florida village.

As a follow-up to her latest book, Mindful Eating, Suzanne Powell provides a guide on these pages to help readers eat in a fun and easy way and to make food preparation as simple as possible.

With her usual joy and enthusiasm, Suzanne brings ideas and stimulates our imagination through countless examples of simple and easy-to-prepare menus, always following the basic rules of divided meals.

We must not forget that the right food combination not only allows us to maintain an ideal weight, but also helps to strengthen the immune system by detoxifying the kidneys and liver, promoting health and avoiding pain, inflammation and degenerative diseases. This book is of great value to all who have begun to pay attention to diet.

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