Synopsis of Dragon Ball Heroes characters answers two important questions

With the recent launch of its episode 33, the promotional anime from Dragon Ball Heroes started the “Space-Time War” arc, which led Goku to a new universe created by Fu, where he is already facing some old acquaintances of the franchise, at the same time with the unexpected help of Hatsu.

Now, a brief synopsis of each character has been released through the anime’s official website, which provides some explanations that many fans were still in doubt, including confirmation of where they are. Vegeta and the reason for Freeza and your brother ended up in that universe.

Check below the synopses shared on Twitter by the user known as @DBSChronicles:

Goku – It was swallowed up for Fuu’s pseudo universe. In order to escape, he was involved in a battle ”

Vegeta – It was swallowed up for the pseudo universe together with Goku, but its whereabouts are still unknown ”

Freeza – Like Turles and Bojack, Fu also brought Goku’s archenemy. He was not interested in Fu’s plans, so he has remained doing nothing until now, but when he encounters Goku in the pseudo universe, he switches to offensive mode ”

If you’re not familiar, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is an arcade game that explores the most diverse aspects of the non-canonical universe of Akira Toriyama’s work, introducing new stories, characters and transformations. Thus, in 2018 a promotional anime was released with the same name as the game, which receives new episodes every month.

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