T-mobile down twitter, service down today SOS, whats happened

T-Mobile US Inc experienced outages among thousands of customers across the U.S. late Monday, according to the outage tracking website. The site tracks outages through a range of sources, including user reports, showing more than 30,000 incidents where people reported problems. T-Mobile provides cellular and mobile Internet service, including text messaging (SMS) and voice mail, to individuals and businesses.

The company did not respond to a Reuters request for comment. (Reporting by Urvi Dugar, Bengaluru; Editing by Dhanya Ann Thoppil)

T-Mobile was hit with outages across Tennessee after the explosion on Christmas morning in Nashville. The wireless carrier wasn’t the only victim, however, as Sprint and Mint Mobile were also affected by the outage.

That’s because Mint Mobile uses cell towers owned by T-Mobile, and Sprint recently merged with T-Mobile, making it the surviving brand.

A Mint Mobile support agent clarified this as shown below.

After the incident, social media was flooded with affected users complaining that they were unable to make calls or use cell service.

Multiple sources have reported that T-Mobile is experiencing service issues at multiple locations in the southeastern United States. Sources confirmed that the issues were directly related to an earlier bombing in Nashville, Tennessee.

The blast, which appears to have occurred near an AT&T tower, caused AT&T to be hit the hardest in a massive service outage that lasted more than 10 hours and was still ongoing at the time of writing.

Strangely, for some reason, T-Mobile and Mint were also affected by the outage. A Redditor offered a possible explanation for this.

Well, a critical ATT backbone was damaged in the blast. I know Mint uses T-Mobile towers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of connectivity. There may even be a clause in the mvnos contract that if the network goes down, the majority operator has exclusive access until the mvnos are allowed back into the network.

But while Mint Mobile’s support agent seemed to imply that the outage affected the entire state of Tennessee, there have also been some reports suggesting otherwise.

Also, unlike AT&T, which was quick to acknowledge the matter, there has been no official statement from T-Mobile or Mint so far, although the number of customers affected appears to be high.

This is evident from the numerous reports on T-Mobile’s Down detector. Search yourself on this link.