Take all my money! Adidas announces special tennis collection of controversial South Park character

USA.- South Park He has gifted us with an endless number of highly controversial characters that have remained in the collective imagination. Perhaps, for this reason, Adidas has launched a new special collection of tennis based on one of his most iconic characters: Towel. In this way, it has been reported that his arrival on US soil could occur on April 20.

In this context, it is not yet official it is official in the United States and by the estimated date, it would meet the International Marijuana Day. In this sense, El Universal assured that an official source from the German company confirmed that the tennis shoes will arrive in Mexico, although the date is still unknown. For this reason, social networks have gone crazy and it is not for less, because this footwear looks extremely good.

While the model that will be used is based on the Campus 80 with the predominant color purple with bluish and the texture will be plush, similar to a towel. Of course you will have the famous three stripes of Adidas and it stands out that the tabs will have the eyes of “Towel”, which will incredibly change color in contact with the sun to a red color with blue tones.

In addition, the tabs will have written on the back: “Don’t forget to bring a towel” and “I have no idea what’s going on”. And coupled with this, there will be two small compartments to store objects the size of a keychain. For this reason, Internet users eagerly await the arrival of these tennis shoes that are a real bomb.

“Towel” is a character from “South Park”, Animated series for adult audiences, and this is created by Tynecorp, a fictitious company of the program. He made his debut in the fifth season to recommend that people use a towel, although of course his strength is smoking marijuana. Thus, you can see the curious character with his pipe and with the song of “Popeye” in the background, causing at that time a great controversy.

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