Who is Tamara Lich? Whats happened? — the ‘spark that lit the fire’

Lich resigned from the Mavericks party this week to dedicate himself to the “Freedom Motorcycle” protests. The truck convoy protests occupying downtown Ottawa were described as “a spark to ignite a fire” by the female organizer, a former energy industry worker and leader of the “Wexit” movement that pushed for independence in the western province.

Tamara Lich, the lead speaker at a protest media briefing in Ottawa on Thursday afternoon, was one of the organizers of the controversial and now frozen GoFundMe campaign that has raised funds for the demonstrations. over $10 million. Lich was also involved in the 2019 “yellow vest” protests in Canada and the smaller “United We Roll” truck driver protest convoy.

Petite, blonde and just 5 feet tall, Lich is a former fitness trainer who sings and plays guitar in the Medicine Hat bar band called Blind Monday. She is a mother, grandmother and claims to be of Métis ancestry.

The Saskatchewan native lived in Medicine Hat three years ago when he was politically active with Wexit and later incorporated into the Alberta Wildrose Independent Party. When Lich and her husband moved to Manitoba, she left Wildrose to join the fringe and fledgling Maverick Party as an original member of its council.

Maverick, under its interim leader Jay Hill, a former cabinet minister in Stephen Harper’s government, has advocated for Western interests, vowing in its guiding principles that “every vote of our MPs in the House of Commons must go through A simple test: what we are for or against is good for the West and our citizens.”

Lich resigned from Maverick this week to devote his full attention to the “Freedom Motorcycle” protests.

In a profile for the 2020 Medicine Hat News, Lich describes why she’s disenchanted with politics.

“When Alberta votes in every federal election, eastern voters have already decided the outcome,” Leach told the paper. “While we are all Canadians, we have different needs and lifestyles here. For example, gun legislation in the City of Toronto must be different from gun legislation in rural Alberta. The West needs a willingness to work for what is best for their interests and A party that fights for the interests of the people without having to cater to the Eastern vote.

“The Mavericks are not competing with a certain party or politician; instead, we are operating against a broken system. Our goal is to unite Westerners on this common goal; constitutional reform, or, otherwise, independence.”

Lich cited the Liberal government’s Bill C-48, which bans the use of tankers in northern B.C. Waters and Bill 69, the “no more pipes” law is particularly unfair.

“Western Canada has been at the mercy of the East since the founding of the federation. All current federal political parties must cater to the interests of the East in order to gain and maintain power,” Lich told the paper.

But Lich is also on the radar of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, which has flagged her ties to the “yellow vest” movement and her support for the Anti-Muslim Horn project.

“I wouldn’t say she’s a major player,” CAHN executive director Evan Balgord said Thursday. “But she’s in the far-right ecosystem.”

Leach told reporters on Thursday that the negative portrayal of protesters was wrong. “The reality is that the members of this freedom movement are ordinary, peace-loving, law-abiding citizens from all walks of life who are tired of being bullied by our government,” she said.

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