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Tasmania fish video

A Tasmanian animal hospital has distanced itself from a graphic video on social media that allegedly showed a couple using live fish as part of a sexual act.

trout lady original video

The Animal Hospital apologizes for the “inconvenience” the content may have caused, and stresses that it will continue to do its best to serve its valued customers and pets.

tasmanian couple trout video

“I just noticed that a former employee of the [veterinary] hospital was recently featured in a video widely shared on social media,” the post read.

“Please understand that this individual is no longer a paid employee…Anything involving disrespect or cruelty to animals is condemned by all of our staff and myself.” The RSPCA thanked those who brought her attention on social media. A section “portrays depravity”, but confirms it’s now a police matter.

Its chief executive, Jan Davis, told The Mercury it was a “serious matter” and the RSPCA would not be involved. Tasmanian Police urged netizens to remove the video immediately, warning that distributing or possessing the footage is a criminal offense and confirmed they were investigating the matter. “Police are aware of a graphic video circulating showing two people and a fish,” the statement said. “Police are investigating and conducting a specific investigation.

“Police urge anyone who becomes aware of the video to remove it immediately. Possession or distribution of the video will constitute a criminal offence.”

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