Tay Lavie leaked onlyf, Tayy LaVie videos and pics on twitter and reddit

MRandom News Tay Lavie leaked onlyf, Tayy LaVie videos and pics on twitter and reddit

Tayy LaVie, one of the top adult content creators on OnlyF, found a clever way to keep his money going after amassing a pile of cash when a heartwarming joke went viral and became a star-dollar hit. $15,000 payday.

It all started when Tayy, 26, shared a photo with her 1.7 million Instagram followers of preparing a holiday meal with her mother in suburban Chicago, Illinois. Meal prep quickly got an R rating after the OnlyFans star shared a fun way to soften butter while cooking.

After stuffing a whole stick of butter into her impressive cleavage, Tayy LaVie told her followers, “This is how to soften butter.”

The joke was an isolated case, but Tye said things changed when fans started sending her private messages asking her to buy butter sticks.

“I thought everyone was joking, but I think there could still be some interesting conversations. I love connecting with my fans, so it’s always fun,” Tye said in the release.

Tayy LaVie quickly realized the butter auction was no scam, and after receiving $15,000 in bids, she was shocked when the mystery butter buyer paid.

“The next day, to my surprise, I saw +15,000.00 in my account and got a DM with the address of Butters’ new home,” Tayy said.

After making a fortune on Christmas Eve, Tay headed to the local mall to hand out cash to shoppers. Most of the customers didn’t believe it at first until Tye convinced them that the money came with no strings attached!

The whole thing was filmed, and Tayy plans to post the video on her upcoming YouTube channel.