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If you’re in the early 2000s, you probably remember the hit family movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3-D Adventures. The 2005 film was a fun and silly adventure revolving around a boy named Max (Cayden Boyd). He often dreams of two superhero kids named Shark Boy (Tyler Lautner) and Lava Girl (Tyler Dooley) and their home planet. One day, when a tornado hits, and Shark Boy and Lava Girl take him to save their planet, Max’s dream comes true.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D is a children’s classic at this point, so fans may be wondering what happened to the film’s stars. Boyd has a long list of IMDb credits and seems to be doing well. Most people know what Lautner is doing since he played Jacob Black in the Twilight saga and many other projects like Scream Queens. However, with Boyd in the spotlight and Lautner walking the red carpet, viewers might be more curious about what Dooley did.

This is Dooley’s transformation from Lava Girl to now.

Dooley began playing the iconic Lava Girl role in Shark Boy Adventures and Lava Girl 3-D. The film follows Max through his dreams to create characters Sharkboy and Lavagirl and their home planet Drool. But one day, after a tornado strikes with Shark Boy and Lava Girl, his dream comes true: they kidnap Max to the planet Druel, which is in danger and needs help from Mr. Electric (George Lopez). Rescue from his hands. Finally, with the help of Snow Princess (Sasha Peters), the three save the drooling planet and Max returns to Earth. It was initially suggested that it was all a dream, but later it was suggested that it was all real.

The film is a great start for Dooley, and despite being a children’s film, her character actually has a lot of depth: throughout the film, the Lava Girl struggles to accept herself and find her purpose . By the end of the movie, she found that purpose and even started a relationship with Sharkboy. The role was fun and brought Dooley to the stage, but also allowed her to showcase her potential as a young actress.