Ted Kaczynski dead and obituary, Unabomber, American domestic terrorist died today

Ted Kaczynski was a significant figure in the closing years of the 20th century. The American mathematician gained fame through a pseudonym. ‘A bomb’. He was captured after nearly two decades of searching by US authorities, including the FBI. reason? Mail bomb kills 3 and injures 23.

MRandom News Ted Kaczynski dead and obituary, Unabomber, American domestic terrorist died today

Kaczynski did not have normal intelligence. He is very talented. This situation made his IQ higher than usual and brought him many misfortunes. In his early years, he was bullied by his peers. This fact will leave a mark on him for the rest of his days. However, his talent is outstanding and he can be seen in the university.

In Michigan, he published a doctoral thesis, “Boundary Functions”, on one of the most complex theories: geometric functions. Also, his high IQ allowed him to solve problems that one of his teachers couldn’t. About him, one of his professors said: “Solving this problem is so complicated that maybe only 10 or 12 people in the whole country can understand or appreciate it.”

The mathematician, who left his college at Berkeley in 1969 and retired to a cabin in Montana, argued that humans must return to a state of “wild life.” He is completely against the technological society and has his own way of going back to the old way of life.

In fact, Kaczynski goes so far as to say that it must be done through “the total and permanent destruction of modern industrial society throughout the world to replace this impersonal, enslaved and alienated society with a small social organization” to comply. cluster. “

May 1978 was the beginning of the campaign of terror, the mathematicians began to send package bombs. The recipient is a professor of materials engineering at Northwestern University in Illinois. At that time, a police officer was injured after touching the object. A second letter was sent to the same university. This time, in May 1979, a student was hit by a bomb fired by Kaczynski.

In the third shipment, however, American society received attention. In November of that year, he planted an explosive device on a plane flying from Chicago to Washington. The bomb began to smoke and the commander had to make an emergency landing. Several passengers had to be treated for inhalation.

This is the time for the FBI to act, since attacking an aircraft is considered a federal crime in the United States. From that period on, government organizations began nickname Kaczynski “Unabomber” (Spanish for “university and aerial bombers”, “Bombardero de Universidades y Aerolíneas”).