Terrible! League Of Legends Patch 11.11 Will Bring The Long-awaited Nerf To Morgana

UNITED STATES.- One of the most anticipated nerfs in League of Legends has arrived. Morgana will undergo changes in the jungle, as well as Rumble and Lee Sin for mid and top. In this way, it has been announced that the patch 11.11 It will arrive at the Riot Games video game on May 26, 2021. Of course the gaming community has been surprised and madness has been unleashed.

Due to the above, some objects will also suffer some buffs due to the little use that they have been given within the Summoner’s Rift. Thus, it was Mark Yetter who shared on his account Twitter the first general details of champions and items that will be seen with improvements and adjustments. For this reason, two nerfs in terms of objects stand out: Rain of Swords and Delivery of Cookies.

Buffs to objects: Piedravigía. Staff of Flowing Waters. Moonstone Renovator. Trinity Force. Divine Slicer. Black Blade. Snake Fang (for ranged). Nerfs to champions: Morgana – jungle. Rumble – jungle. Read without. Elise. Lioness. Urgot. Shaco. Qiyana. Champion buffs: Azir. Graves. Hecarim. Ryze. Ezreal. Seraphine. Illaoi. Teemo. Master Yi – Your interaction with the Edge of Night will be changed. Senna – Her interaction with the Frostfire Gauntlet will be changed.

Source: Mark Yetter on Twitter.

Of course, the changes will come with the official announcement by Riot Games and himself. League of Legends through their social networks. For now, the lolera community has been excited about these changes, especially because they will have a favorable impact on the development of the video game due to the annoyance of how “broken” some characters are.

Some gamers had requested a buff for Ezreal, Seraphine, and Teemo. On the other hand, the most requested nerfs went to Morgana in the jungle, a character who was banned significantly in the qualifiers. On the other hand, many and many have wondered about Morgana’s Q, which has ensured that the stun it causes is too long, something that remains a mystery in the face of the patches to come.


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