Terrible! Space debris pierces International Space Station tool

UNITED STATES.- Recently the Canadian Space Agency revealed that the Mobile Maintenance System “Canadarm2”Suffered a breakdown. This derived from the space junk, which has affected the device of the International Space Station. Luckily, they have revealed that despite the blow it continues to work in a good way for the relief of experts.

In this sense, it was explained that said blow was given to the arm of the device and they assured that it is not a surprise that this happened. The terrible thing about this is that the event occurred by low Earth orbit, which is a garbage deposit generated by humanity itself and consisting of millions of fragments; Dead satellites, rocket parts or pieces of broken spacecraft.

Similarly, it has been reported that the radars of the Spacial station they manage to track around 34,000 objects with dimensions of about 10 centimeters. These float around the orbit and are usually “invisible” so that they can be perceived. Despite their “tiny” size, they are a danger to space devices, as has happened with the “Canadarm2”.

In this context, space debris can cause great damage due to the speed at which it travels (approximately 10 kilometers per second). Unfortunately, the possibility of cleaning the more than 6 thousand tons of debris that we have left in space is unfeasible. Without a doubt, this is terrible news, especially because it implies that humans are constantly generating garbage, now in space.

This is not the first time such a problem has arisen. The crew of the “Crew Dragon”Had prepared for an impact on his most recent mission. At a distance of 45 kilometers, the crew quickly had to put on their pressurized suits in the event of such a collision. Even NASA and SpaceX revealed the video of the event, although it did not pass to greater.