Terrible! These are the great possibilities that we have contaminated Mars with the NASA mission

UNITED STATES.- The rover Perseverance has landed in Mars on February 18, 2021 in search of data that can help us better understand our neighbor. But doubts have begun to arise about the possible contamination by the vehicle of the POT to the Red Planet, so it has been reported that this sad news has a great chance of having happened.

In this context, it has been detailed that microbes that have been on Earth for billions of years and are in every corner. They are found throughout our body and can even leak into some sterile places. Before, biological contamination tests were based on the ability to make believe life from samples. Now methods such as DNA sequencing are used.

Meanwhile, it has been detailed that there is a possibility that microbes could be found that would be potentially problematic in space missions. And to ignore it would be a serious mistake from several points, because in the first place it could affect the understanding of the characteristics of Mars. Secondly, it could be a health risk for astronauts and a malfunction of life support equipment.

Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Twitter.

On the other hand, there is the obligation to preserve life anywhere in the universe. Let us remember that to date humanity does not have the best record in terms of health and care. Epidemics such as smallpox towards the indigenous peoples of America until the spread of Covid-19 in this era. We are a species that, unfortunately, we have developed believing that we are the center of everything and the only thing that counts are the results.

On the other hand, the scientific team of the POT it should ensure any kind of life on another planet. And if there were interplanetary contamination, everything would change and the perspective pursued would be thrown overboard. And for example of this we can that, recently, microbes on the International Space Station evolved to the amazement of all and all.


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