The balance of Spain in their first qualifying matches, how was it in your group?

Spain was leader of the B Group by Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup with seven points. Sweden, Greece, Georgia and Kosovo complete the standings. In his first three starts, he added two victories and a draw which leave him well standing for the following day. Luis Enrique he will have to call his players to “battle” until the beginning of June, on the 4th he will play a friendly with Cristiano’s Portugal.

Ten days later they will face the Sweden of Zlatan, this time for EuroCopa. On the 19th he will play for Poland at home and visit Slovakia in the group stage. «I leave this week with these 24 players and 10 others who can come, of those 34 will come out. We have always dominated a larger list, these 24 have many options “, commented Luis Enrique about the next call.

«Today I am very happy with what I have seen on the pitch against an opponent who has changed the system and who has been somewhat more fearful, also the result of our level. We played a good game, we were not very successful, but we scored goals and we controlled the game, the victory was not in doubt at any time, “reflected the coach at the end of the match against Kosovo.

One of the controversies during the first call was the substitution of Ramos: «It is much simpler. His attitude is commendable, true leaders are those who always add up, not only in the field. I put those who are better, Sergio is fine, but he has just come out of an injury. The only thing I ask of you is that you always follow the example of Ramos, “said Luis Enrique, highlighting his ability to accept directions.

«I would say that with Greece a notable low, like today, and a good high with Georgia. It makes us optimistic that very young people come and compete in games with pressure. To form a team is to unite synergies and use certain ideas, and everyone adapts “, the technical summary of the coach, who broadly said was happy with the results of the team.

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