The beauty of Antonela Roccuzzo “overshadowed” Messi in full tribute

Messi received an emotional tribute from Barcelona after becoming the player with the most appearances at the club. For the celebration, in the previous duel against Valladolid, the Argentine called his family to the field of play to perpetuate the memory. In that instant appeared Antonella Roccuzzo with his three children, by then the attention was on the beauty of the Rosario who “overshadowed” the striker.

«The best thing about this video is the entrance of the sovereign of all Argentines. Antonella Rocuzzo, she is Messi’s best goal, this woman is too much, beautiful Anto, Antonella Rocuzzo is a clear example of the aesthetic superiority of the Rosario woman, light years away from the gringa of the littoral », some of the hundreds of comments that they invaded social media.

The match

The Barcelona they won 1-0 amid the controversy: «We were a bit lucky at the end of the game. I was quite calm, I was more worried in the first half because I saw the team very different from the last games. In the second half, I saw him improving, creating opportunities. The team has shown that without playing well it is capable of winning games, “Koeman said at a press conference.

The coach is already waiting for the classic: «It is always important and more so seeing the situation now in The league. They are two great teams in the world and a good result would be important for the title, “said the Dutchman. On April 10, Real Madrid and the Barça team will play one of the most exciting duels of the season for the title of the local tournament.

«We were missing more things in the first part. In our game. Our pressure on them has not been very good and, from the beginning of the game, I have seen Barcelona a little slow, tired. We were not in control of the game. That is why we changed the system and we improved in the second part. It was a difficult game. The team was far from their level. Valladolid did a good defensive job. You have to know how to suffer and we deserved to win, “he said.

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