The before and after of the Formula 1 steering wheels

Over the years, the Formula 1 It had several modifications that attracted attention and were highly criticized by fans. One of them is in the most important part of the car, which is the steering wheel. From the first years of the category, the steering wheels were modified in various details, which to this day continue to surprise everyone.


The first flyers were very simple. The unmistakable element protruded from the cockpit of the car and was very heavy. With an unmistakable metal in the center and made entirely of wood, it varies greatly from the high-tech steering wheels seen today. Over the years, the steering wheels were modified, reducing their size.

The images of Ayrton senna in different circuits aboard its historic McLaren They are to this day an obligatory step for Formula 1 fans. On the streets of Monaco, the Brazilian imposed his magic, with a steering wheel that did not vary too much with the old ones. Some buttons to communicate with your equipment, and the lever of rails on the side.

During the 80s came the security measures that began to change the cars. The steering wheels came with a new method to safeguard the lives of the drivers and the elements of the car. An innovative system was introduced that allows the steering wheel to be removed quickly and safely in the event of an accident. This saved the lives of several pilots.

The arrival of the 90s saw the entry of the most important figures of recent years. Senna’s golden years, the arrival of Michael Schumacher or the battles between Nigel Mansell and Alain Prost. In addition, electronic controls in cars, buttons and sequential shifting were introduced. Today, the steering wheels are small computers, in which the pilots have all the information on the screens of the steering wheels.

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