The controversial referee who will whistle the final of the Copa del Rey between Athletic and Barcelona

Juan Martinez Munuera will be the central of the match between Athletic club Y Barcelona at the end of the Copa del Rey. The choice of the referee for this meeting generated controversy, after the last Clásico that was played at the Camp Nou, the Barça team filed an official complaint with the relevant entities for their performance. On that occasion he whistled a penalty at the end of the game that in the opinion of the culé club it was not.

The Valencian referee appeared at a press conference, prior to this Saturday’s duel: “We expect a beautiful, vibrant and intense final,” he said. Juan Martinez Munuera. «The feelings are very good because we are facing a final that excites us all. The teammates talk a lot about how emotional a final of the Copa del Rey. I am very proud to represent the referees, the CTA, because many of us could be here, “he said.

He gave details of how he found out about the call: «I found out through a phone call from our president a few days ago and it was something that I did not expect, so the illusion is greater. I’ve been focusing on the Champions League match these days. We are professionals and we are not affected at all by the comments in the press that may have been these days.

But undoubtedly, the issue related to his last Classic attracted attention: «Regarding all opinions, but we did not enter to assess specific manifestations. It is something that we always maintain, “he said. “The limits are not set by the referees, but by the players. We will probably be facing a very beautiful and very intense final, “added Martínez Múnera.

He affirmed that he does not feel pressure in this regard: «I do not feel singled out by anyone, but rather very proud of the election of the CTA. We face the game with great professionalism, “he said to the Spanish media. «We sanction everything according to the regulations, which kill the guidelines regarding rough play, unsportsmanlike or protests. We are governed by it, “he said.

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