The incredible “aim” of Antoine Griezmann: all his children are born the same day

Antonie Griezmann He shared his happiness after becoming a father for the third time on social networks. The forward of the Barcelona Not only did his fans surprise, but the date of birth also caused curiosity, the reason? they were all born on the same day. For the French family, April 8 is the most special date of the year, since not one or two, but three birthdays will be celebrated.

Erika and Griezmann They had their first baby in 2016 before the European Championship in France, Mia stopped being an only child a couple of years later with the birth of Amaro, the player’s son. Finally, 2021 brings with it the birth of Alba. A beautiful family that shares details of the home with their followers. The news caused all kinds of reactions, but above all happiness.

«Congratulations on the new member and congratulations to your wife and you for knowing how to plan pregnancies and teaching many that you can plan. It is not a joke or irony, I really love it and I no longer feel hopeless with the human species thanks to the Griezmanns », one of the comments on Griezmann’s profile. His post adds more than six thousand RTs and 121 thousand likes.

«Nice hat trick, but I need him to do it to Madrid on Saturday. We have Romario and we don’t know. There must be a dangerous anniversary day or something, I do not understand the truth, they have calculated exactly what day to do it or how? It is very difficult. But I like the idea “, other comments where it continues to cause surprise, but where sarcasm is asked for the same aim in the Barcelona.

The culé team faces Real Madrid next weekend. With 65 units, Barcelona seeks to surpass Atlético de Madrid in the standings. A fundamental victory to get the title of this season. The mattress club will play against Betis. In addition, he will face another tough candidate for the title, Real Madrid of Benzema, Vinicius and company.

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