The latest on Messi’s future: “He’s going to stay in Barcelona”

André Cury, one of the businessmen that the Barça world knows best. Not only did he work in the team but he also knows about sports matters. In an interview with Radio Continental he sent a message to all the fans of Messi that excites the team’s fans: «He is going to stay in Barcelona», Cury’s statement that does not go unnoticed and that fills the fans with hope.

“I have almost the certainty that Leo is going to stay in Barcelona, ​​he is going to be happy there again and he is going to make a new team that will play well and in one or two years he will be number 1 in the world”, said the businessman. For him, «Leo’s house is Barcelona and Argentina. Leo loves Argentina, he plays with all his strength in the National Team and in Barcelona also “, he remarked in said interview.

Cury not only spoke of encouraging messages, he also delved into the reasons that led the Argentine to make that decision: “What bothered him is that he wanted a competitive team. And the truth is that the club told him that they were going to do it, that they were going to hire one and they hired another. Leo was a little out of this, “remarked the businessman. The lack of competitiveness, one of the reasons that in his opinion led to all this confusion.

Finally, he alluded to his knowledge of the club and the forward: «I know the history of Messi in BarcelonaHe had a very good relationship with Laporta and now he’s back. There are many positives, ”he said. The player is free to negotiate his next destination, his contract expires in June, there are a few months left to know what will happen to the Argentine and the decision he will make at the end of the season.


Koeman gave details of his meeting with Laporta on the matter: «It is a very important matter because we try to do our best so that Leo he stays at this club for more years, but the moment is now is not next year, now is tomorrow’s game, where we have to put our thoughts. Things for the future belong to the president with his work team. As a coach, and as players, we have to be aware of the matches ».

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