The leaked video of Mega Barbie and Loraine with Prince Baru that is viral Full

Principe Baru is a popular Dominican artist / band, the most famous songs are: “Baru Scott”, “La Loca”, “Let It Talk”. Discover Principe Baru’s music videos, chart achievements, biography and facts. net worth. Explore related singers who collaborated with Principe Baru. Principe Baru Wiki, Facebook, Instagram and social networks. The height, age, biology and real name of Principe Baru ..

The representative of the Dominican city, known in the art as “El Príncipe Baru”, after an intimate video that circulated on different social networks, met a girl who was not his sentimental partner, thus becoming the center of the conversation they are all. .

The translator of “La lata” admitted that he sent the audiovisual material to a friend, who later betrayed his trust and forwarded it to another WhatsApp group; although the sexually explicit video was not with his partner (he said he was separated from him). at the time), but he described it as a “mistake” and was very sorry.

But things got more complicated, as the artist allegedly had to go to court for unknown reasons, although some fans and followers commented that the girl in the video may have filed a complaint after the incident.

“Prince” ran to his Instagram account to tell the truth and apologize, because this is a topic that everyone has discussed for a few days, as even his partner and the heroine of the video also made a statement about what happened. Alofok Radio Show Space.

“I am very sorry for everything that happened to the young woman and me, and the videos that circulate on social networks. I am sorry because things got out of control,” said the young man.

Through a video he posted on social networks, he explained that when he was filming the audio and video, “we were drinking, because of things in life I shouldn’t record them, I feel sad about that, that’s why I apologize publicly. “

Similarly, he too took this opportunity to tell the young men who followed him not to.

“This is for a lifelong friend,” he sent it to him and he betrayed him, so “I’ll solve what you said,” restricted the young woman who appeared in the video.

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