The leaked viral video for which they accuse Ebit Lew

The famous missionary and philanthropist Ebit Lew has been questioned by the police to help investigate allegations of sexual harassment.

In a statement, Bukit Aman’s crime investigation director Abdul Garil Hasan said the missionary’s statement was filmed today at the Federal Police headquarters. The police cited article 509 of the Penal Code, article 14 of the Juvenile Offenses Act of 1955 and article 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act of 1998 to investigate the case. Jalil said the police will carry out a thorough investigation into the case and then forward it to the Attorney General’s Office.

“The police call on all parties to refrain from speculating or provoking provocations to ensure that the case can be investigated transparently.

“The public is also advised not to post any material that may affect our investigation,” he said. Today it was reported that a famous missionary was asked to make a statement in Bukit Aman about an investigation involving a case of sexual harassment. Previously, a video went viral on social media and showed a man who looked like a priest.

At the same time, Ebit said that the accusations against him were defamatory and cruel.

“I was in Bukit Aman as a witness to help investigate the allegations and gossip against me. I will let the police investigate the matter further,” he told reporters outside Bukit Aman. Ebit added that the police recorded his statement for more than an hour and provided full cooperation.

He also said that he forgave everyone who made these accusations against him. Ebit’s attorney, Hasnal Rezua Merican, said that so far, police have stated that they do not need to call missionaries on the case.

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