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In ninth to seventh place in energy stage are the Clow Water, Mirror and Creativity Playing cards, which had been masterfully utilized by Sakura.

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Persevering with our checklist of Letters cloud strongest of anime and manga Sakura Card Captor, let’s analyze three extra of them, which occupy the positions of ninth, eighth, and seventh among the many 52 playing cards of the magician cloud. Its predecessors in our strongest checklist had been Energy, Erase, Dream, Volta, Time and Fireplace, respectively. Now, uncover the explanation why Letters cloud Water, Mirror and Creativity are a few of Sakura’s greatest powers.

Playing cards cloud: Water, Mirror and Creativity

9. Water (the watery)

A Letters cloud Water has an influence equal to the Fireplace card, so it is available in ninth place, proper after the fireplace (Fireplace). She has an influence robust sufficient to assist management Fireplace. His powers embrace manipulating water, summoning tidal waves, flooding cities, creating whirlpools, and extracting vitality from different Playing cards cloud based mostly on water. Her look is like an elven mermaid, however her perspective is aggressive and lethal. Based on Mission Sakura:

  • Captured by: Sakura
  • First Look: Episode 03, “Sakura’s First Encounter”
  • Captured with the assistance of the cardboard: A freezer and the Wind card.

8. The Mirror (The Mirror)

The cardboard has the ability to mirror the assaults it suffers, directing them again to its opponent, and it will probably mimic anybody. However what makes it so highly effective is its means to speak in human speech, one thing only a few letters can do. She manages to precise her considerations to Sakura, creating a robust bond between the 2. Based on Mission Sakura:

  • Captured by: Sakura
  • First Look: Episode 25, “The Copy of Sakura”
  • Captured with the assistance of the cardboard: None

7. Creativity (The Create)

Its identify is self-explanatory, which means there’s a world of prospects in terms of utilizing it. with this letter cloud the person can deliver something to life, can create something, simply utilizing their creativeness. Sakura used Creativity to summon varied kinds of objects and creatures. Simply as there are not any limits to creativeness, there are not any limits to this card. (through CBR) Based on Mission Sakura:

  • Captured by: Sakura
  • First Look: Episode 31, “Sakura and the Untitled E-book”
  • Captured with the assistance of the cardboard: Massive

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