The new UFC champion? Aleksandar Rakic ​​says he will dominate the division

After defeating Thiago Santos in the UFC 259, Aleksandar Rakic dreams of having a shot at the title. The Austrian defeated the Brazilian in a little admired fight, considering that the two were measured during the fifteen minutes of combat. In any case, it has a gigantic potential inside the cage and no one doubts its conditions. For this reason, before the press, he put pressure on the division.

Being so, Rakic He stated: “I think I deserve the title shot. If you see realistically that I’m 7-0 in the UFCThis loss to Volkan Oezdemir was not a loss, and Thiago was the third former title challenger in a row, and I beat them all. So who else do you know? Who else? I am young, hungry and motivated, and I am here to stay. I told Dana White after the fight, ‘I’m going to be your new guy and the new face of the Light Heavyweight division.’

«I will dominate the division for a long time and you will see each fight as a better Aleksandar Rakic. I would love to be the backup fighter. It is a great opportunity for me. But, if not, I would love to fight for the title. I think I showed everyone that I deserve it. I’m undefeated in the UFC and it’s only a matter of time. But if the UFC he comes to me with a backup fight for Glover and Jan, yes, I hurry, of course, ”he summed up.

Has a great present

Parallel, Aleksandar He also commented: “I was training for that, but he didn’t go out as usual. I think I neutralized his strength with my distance and constant forward pressure, I didn’t let him do his thing. I chose my shots and that was enough to win the fight. If he went any further or was more aggressive, the fight would be different, you know, and he would probably knock him out or take him down and subdue him. “

“I don’t want to force the end because if I force the end, it can go the other way and they can knock me out. I worked so hard to be there right now in this place and I didn’t want to force that much, you know? I want to choose the clean shot and the knockout will come alone. If you force it, you won’t be able to get it. We are all the best athletes in this division and one blow can change everything, and I show the division that I can also knock out people, “he concluded. Aleksandar Rakic.

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