The perfect change! Julian Marquez’s reveal about his latest UFC win

The extraordinary fighter of UFC, Julian Marquez, put his rival to sleep dramatically on Saturday night. At UFC Vegas 23, Sam Alvey didn’t have much to do when he crossed paths with his rival at the Nevada Apex, as he lasted just over a round inside the cage. Therefore, in the press conference after the event, the lover of Miley Cirus made an important revelation.

Starting with your words, Marquez He acknowledged the following about it: “He can take those blows. He is a veteran. He knows how to fight pain. I have seen it many times during the time I have been observing it. I just realized that I wasn’t going to put him out, especially on the ground with little punches. I really did a great job, against a great fighter.

“So when I transitioned to the back, I saw him lift his head and I just took the most available option. That was the bare butt choke. I’m very proud to finish him off, but I was able to use my fighting IQ to get his neck out and out. That was a very important transition, “he also communicated, analyzing his victory.

What’s more, Julian He said, ‘I could have sat there and kept hitting him. It was amazing for me, my career and my confidence. Realizing that I made the right decision to go to Glory MMA & Fitness, I trust the process and my trainers. It’s a big leap for me. I need to let my body heal for another eight weeks and then I’ll take a fight. I’ll be ready, I know.

He is excited about what is coming

At the end of their fight, Marquez He said: «I am back and the television broadcast. I feel blessed. He is very good and knows how to fight. When I went from behind I realized that he had been exposed. I tried to squeeze her head out of her body. I want to tell everyone in your house that I am the baddest fighter in Kansas City. I am the baddest. If you want to see who is the best Libra for Libra, come get me.

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