The photo leaked of Megan Fox in a see-through dress, called Machine Gun Kelly at the VMAs

The MTV VMA Awards have turned into a huge event, showcasing the hottest names from the world of music and entertainment bumping into each other on one incredible night. The 2021 event is no exception, especially when Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker ask Megan Fox and Courtney Kardashian to show off their late-night performance. In a sweet but still completely MTV-style statement of support, Fox introduced the two as her “future parents.”

Right before MTV VMA’s “Paper-cutting” performance in 2021, Fox and Kardashian appeared on stage. Before their partner took the stage, they dressed up to impress the audience. As you read below, the ladies play excellent top women, joking about how great Kelly and Buck are. Then, as shared in a video on Courtney Kardashian’s Instagram, Megan Fox used her speaker to put down the metaphorical mic.

Megan Fox, of course, is familiar with starting conversations on the Internet, because she is good at getting people’s attention in one sentence. So naturally, everyone will be praising this declaration of love for weeks to come. She doubles as the star of Jennifer’s body and does what she knows best. This, of course, allowed attendees to spend a night, and possibly Kelly’s own machine gun.

The performance of Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, as well as the support of Megan Fox and Courtney Kardashian, came at the right time. This is especially true of Kelly’s case, considering the drama in which the artist was accused of taking down a parking attendant during the filming of her co-director’s debut film “Mourning and T.” Fox continued to show her see-through dress and called MGK “Daddy” on social media:

There must be times of uncertainty in your relationship. The combination of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly is supportive and looks kinda cute. As the two continue to blend into the public eye, through personal life and professional cooperation, their fans will only get more themes. If Fox’s statement shows any signs, it will include a young child, just to deepen the connection between them.

If you want to see how Kelly and Megan Fox met machine gun and start the love story you saw today, her movie “Willow Branch Midnight” is currently available to rent on VOD. If she’s looking for a new movie to enjoy selling for the rest of the year, the 2021 release schedule will allow her to do just that. If you want to bet on machine gun imaginary baby names Kelly and Megan Fox, you have to do it yourself.

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