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In disturbing video, a brawl erupts between two muscular brothers in front of a group of young children on the street. watch heluvara twitter primmark fight video.

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One of them yelled: “I’m going to fight you in the gym!” Seconds later, he launched a vicious attack on his naked opponent, kicking him in the face as he lay prone. Dozens of onlookers watched in horror as the horrific attack took place outside a Primark store on Chatham Street in Kent.

An unidentified person comes face to face with another as a group of customers watch their differences widen in front of them.

One can be heard saying to the other, “He can’t fight!” Come to the gym and I’ll get you back in shape. I will not fight with you in front of others!

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He said: “I’m going to fight you in the gym!” before launching his overwhelming attack in Chatham, Kent, before starting his attack. Police have launched an investigation and are currently working to identify those involved in the brawl. That afternoon, early in the fight, the two contenders began exchanging fists before one fell to the ground.

Both appear to be regulars at local boxing studio Sweatbox. Check out Heluvara’s fight video on Twitter The standing fighter delivered a devastating kick directly to the defenseless guy, causing the rest of the audience to gasp in horror as they heard the loud smash.

The two began fighting on the ground until someone else stepped in and resolved the issue. A woman yelled at the pair to stop fighting “because there are kids around”. A spokeswoman for Kent Police said they were investigating.