The reasons why Marc Márquez is not a candidate in the first MotoGP races

The return of Marc Márquez to the first date of the 2021 championship of MotoGP. The Spaniard will have to confirm his return to the tracks in the next few hours, after getting back on a motorcycle (with a smaller displacement) after eight months. However, many already take it for granted that the return of the Sling will put it as the maximum candidate to keep the first victories of the season.

Nobody doubts the talent and potential that Márquez has. Since her arrival in the top category of world motorcycling, she has shown that she is one of the best riders in history. However, a stoppage of almost a year and physical condition will be essential in the possible return, which will take place between the first three dates of the championship, which will begin at the circuit of Losail, in Taste.


The main reason why Marc Márquez will not be the candidate to have as a reference (as long as his return is confirmed on the first date), it will be his physical condition. The Losail circuit is very technical and generates a lot of wear and tear on the drivers’ condition. After eight months without getting on the RC213V, Márquez will see a great disadvantage compared to his competitors, who already have several months of training on top.

In addition, the preseason change of venue was another key factor for this ‘disadvantage’. Márquez could reach the first free practice session of the first date, without having done a single lap in Qatar. Considering the complexity of the circuit and the state of his rivals, the Spaniard is far behind. On the other hand, Losail is not Márquez’s favorite circuit.

Since he is at the World Cup (2008 in Moto3), Márquez managed to win in the Qatar Grand Prix MotoGP only twice: in 2012 in Moto2 and in 2014 at the maximum displacement. The real times and the possible performance of Marc would be seen on the third date of the championship, the Grand Prix of Portugal, which will take place on April 18 at the circuit of Algarve.

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