The shocking announcement of Sergio Ramos that Madrid fans lament: “It hurts me”

As promised in a recent interview, Sergio Ramos shared a scoop through his social networks. Although everyone expected something related to his contract at Madrid, the player surprised with a harsh announcement. “It hurts me”, expressed the player for his more than 43 million followers on Instagram. The messages of encouragement have not been long in coming.

“The truth is that I have been a pretty tough few weeks. An intervention is always a sporting and emotional break. Luckily, for a few days now I have been feeling better, but in football as in life, bad luck also plays a role “, confessed the player who despite being called up by Luis Enrique for the Playoffs duels, he did not add many minutes on the field of play.

«Yesterday, after the game, I was training on the pitch and I noticed a puncture in my left calf. Today I have been tested and it has been confirmed that I have a muscle injury, “said the Real Madrid defender who regretted not being able to be 100% for the Champions League and LaLiga duels, where, among other important matches, the derby before him Barcelona.

“If there is something that hurts me, it is not being able to help the team in these highly demanding matches in which we play the season and also not being able to return the love and energy that you transmit to me on the pitch. I can not do anything other than speak frankly, work hard and cheer on the team with my soul, “said the captain and defender of the team. Real Madrid.

At the close of the game of Kosovo the player was calm with the substitution and expressed all his support to the coach since a debate had been generated by his absence in the starting 11 of Luis Enrique. “I have already said that I am focused on playing well, giving my best version … the future is a bit apart, there is no news and when there is news I will be the first to say it,” he remarked.

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