The tweet from Roberto Carlos that unleashed the fury of Barcelona: “They are going to give him an award”

In The league the duel between Real Madrid vs Barcelona Next weekend, the fans’ eyes are on this match that will be key in the last leg of the competition. However, the aftermath of the duel between the Barça club and Valladolid continue to talk. This time, the trill of Roberto Carlos about the match: «They are going to give him a prize»

What do you mean? To the arbitration of Jaime Latre no that he did not whistle a hand from Jordi Alba and expelled Óscar Plano during the match. “I’m sure this referee will be in a prize match on the weekend after today”, the trill of the former player of the Real Madrid who criticized the arbitration. Finally, the Barcelona he was one point behind Atlético de Madrid and managed to win the game by the smallest difference.

«The expulsion of Óscar Plano has hurt us. I have to be warm because what happened is difficult to digest. Not only Barça is playing something, we are also and a lot. We deserve the same treatment. I would like to see what would have happened if the expulsion play had been on the other side, “said the coach at the end of the engagement.

Sergio González, coach of the Valladolid He wanted to stay away from the controversy, but expressed his discontent: “I don’t want to get hot. I respect the referees, but each decision has to be highly consensual. If you consider it, fine, but you have to go to VAR because the hand is very clear. The ball hits him in the palm and goes to goal, it’s a penalty. The referee recognizes that he hits him on the hand, but he tells me that he is down, “he said.

«The regulation does not say anything about the height. Either you are pregnant or you are not. Well, with his hands, the same: either he hits his hand or he doesn’t, “he said. «It is to praise, in the first part we were even superior to them. In the second they have had more actions with the change in structure and we have suffered more. The game was very complete, we had soul and personality against a fearsome rival, “said the player.

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