The unexpected rival that Barcelona will have in the final of the Copa del Rey: “I want Athletic to win”

The end of the Copa del Rey, with this the opinion of technicians, former players and protagonists about the confrontation between Athletic club Y Barcelona. Marcelino’s team lost the final corresponding to the 2020 edition against Real Sociedad. In the pre-engagement on April 17, Imanol He spoke to the local press and expressed his curious wish.

«As Euskaldun that I am, I would like Athletic to win, even if it is the eternal rival, but we are interested in it being won by BarcelonaSo in an amateur plan, the one who deserves it the most wins ”, replied the Real Sociedad coach and his confusion is not surprising, on the one hand there is the team from his city and on the other, the possibility of accessing European positions with the triumph of the Barcelona team.

However, beyond that result, he will have to do the same against Sevilla, his rival next Sunday in LaLiga. «It has a squad with Champions players, very prepared on a technical, tactical and physical level. It has everything, individualities that we all know, and team-level automatisms that make them correct themselves, “praised the coach.

«They have experience, they are able to play in spaces, on the rival field, they manage all the game records … It is a team that, even though it is not at its best level, can win, that is why it is fighting for the League. But Julen will also be concerned about what we do at Real, “Imanol analyzed, not without first praising his rival next Sunday.

The Real Sociedad coach referred to Lopetegui, praised his achievements and process in the Seville: «He’s doing a beastly job. It is not easy in such a square to do what he is doing, with such changes in the squad. It is true that they sign people of experience and level, but it has a lot of merit because it looks like a hard-working team, “he said.

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