The video leaked of Norma Yarrow in the shower who forgot to turn off her camera

Congresswoman Norma Yarrow forgot to turn off her camera and showed the moment she was showering

There was a rather awkward moment when Congresswoman Norma Yarrow forgot to turn off the webcam and showed the exact moment that she was trying to bathe.

This happened in the middle of the decentralization committee meeting, so this moment was sadly recorded.

Latino News Radio presents a picture of this embarrassing moment. However, as a protection measure for women parliamentarians, they used filters to erase and reveal this very private moment of the parliamentarian.

It is worth mentioning that before these photos, no one told the congresswoman that her exhibition was more than necessary.

According to the morning news anchor, Yarrow will be hit hard right now. She remembers, no one can escape these moments, it is best to respect everyone’s privacy and avoid spreading these images that will affect humility in the long run.

The central theme of the hearing was “Decentralization Issues: Health, Transportation and Sanitation Needs of the Local Governments of the Lambayeque Region”.

It also addresses issues such as the advancement of vaccination by age and the percentage of people who have not been vaccinated according to “their own decision.” Also, “Sanitation of water and sewerage systems.”

At the end of the meeting, it was recommended to prepare a worksheet to manage the needs of the authorities in health, transport and sanitation.

Before the start of this session, the first public hearing and decentralization meeting of the Congress of the Republic of Korea in Lambayek observed a minute of silence to commemorate the victims of terrorism and defend democracy.

Norma Yarrow, president of the aforementioned parliamentary working group, believes that it is necessary to pay tribute to all Peruvians who lost their lives as a result of terrorism in the 1980s and 1990s.

Deputy Avanza País said: “We must be united and resolutely oppose terrorism in all aspects and in all circumstances.”

This conference was attended by Jessica Córdova (Avanza País), Rosío Torres Salinas and María Acuña Peralta from Alianza Para el Progreso. In addition, the regional deputy governor Oscar Carpena (Oscar Carpena) also attended the meeting.

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