The video of the woman stabbed 39 times by her partner

German law enforcement officers raid a house in the north country on January 30, 2019. The illustration above shows police taking down the German flag during the operation. This was taken down so that they could find illegal substances inside. On New Year’s Eve, an Israeli woman died after being stabbed by her partner.

MRandom News The video of the woman stabbed 39 times by her partner

It’s unclear where Moran Kaiser’s 6-year-old daughter was at the time of the murder. Kaiser reportedly suffered a stab wound and died shortly after celebrating the new year. German media reported this information through Hebrew-language sources. Karmiel, the city in northern Israel where Kaiser lived before moving to Dusseldorf, was one of the sources for this information.

Ynet reported that Kaiser’s sister Shulamit, who lives in Haifa, Israel, believes her sister’s partner is untrustworthy. Shulamit believes that her sister wanted to break up with him because police informed her mother that Kaiser had been murdered in the German town where she lived.

My mother thought the guy was sketchy because she told me she wanted to leave him. I don’t know what caused the argument, but maybe my mom told my father she wanted out of the relationship. He didn’t work, but he stole from stores to obtain money in his apartment.” That’s what his informant informed her of.

Shulamit said that her mother lived a joyous, upbeat life. She loved her daughter very much and did everything for her. Shulamit said her mother always wanted to return to Israel; however, she couldn’t because her daughter’s father lived in Germany.