The viral video of CARMEN AND COREY leaked on networks

Pranks, video blogging, and challenge channels hosted by a couple who started dating in their teens. They have earned more than 3.7 million subscribers.

The couple made their debut in April 2017 with a video titled “CC4L INTRO !!! (We finally started)”. They parted ways in September 2018, but reunited again in 2019.

YouTube couples FunnyMike-Jaliyah and Carmen-Corey are officially involved in an unsolved web drama.

FunnyMike and Jaliyah are the parents of two children, known as the “MJ family” on YouTube, and Carmen and Corey have a son, often mentioning him in videos.

The four celebrities on YouTube are known for their humor and wit, and their web dramas are almost difficult to understand.

Carmen and Corey posted a video titled “Message to FunnyMike and Jaliyah” on their shared YouTube channel. The video showed her 4 million fans how FunnyMike painted her car and talked about how she was teasing them online.

In this 8-minute video, Corey said, “Internet shit is fun, but you don’t know how I work out,” and then he went live on Instagram, listening to her next song while she holds a gun.

However, FunnyMike doesn’t seem to be concerned about the threats from Carmen and Corey, but chooses to keep trolling.

He posted a Photoshopped photo of him and Carmen hugging on the yacht, and later posted a video of them in the bathtub, announcing that he, too, would be giving up on an annoying song about the Pritchett family.

The two women have been using Twitter to chat. In one of her responses, Jaliyah stated that “the man’s actions have nothing to do with Jaliyah”, suggesting that she and Funny Mike parted ways after years of interference.

The two have not posted to their family MJ’s YouTube channel for over two months, and they have not appeared on each other’s social media either.

On the surface, Jaliyah has been trying to defend herself in this drama and has shown no support for the boy’s father.

The funny Mike didn’t talk about his relationship with Jalia, instead focusing on continuing the online trolling between him and the Pritchett family.

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