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These are Boruto’s strongest characters after chapter 55

If the followers have been debating whether or not Naruto and Sasuke have been nerfed in Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations, chapters 54 and 55 of the manga ended the dialogue as soon as and for all: the duo is arguably much less highly effective than their variations on the finish of Naruto Shippuden. And with that, they might have misplaced the hegemony of the collection’ strongest characters.


That is as a result of Naruto misplaced Kurama after Baryon Mode, whereas Sasuke misplaced Rinnegan in a shock assault by Borushiki.

However whereas these losses are extraordinarily vital, this doesn’t imply that they’re numbered. Even with out these immense powers, each Sasuke and Naruto are nonetheless extremely highly effective shinobi.

1 – Naruto & Sasuke

The lack of Kurama causes Naruto to step down a whole step on the size of energy, however no extra. He’s nonetheless a Uzumaki, with chakra reserves no less than 4 occasions bigger than these of different ninjas of the identical caliber, he nonetheless has entry to the Sage Mode and in addition to the Sage Mode of the Six Paths.

Sasuke, however, loses the powers of Rinnegan, together with these of space-time manipulation and gravitational affect, however continues to own a strong Mangekyo Sharingan that may nonetheless summon Amaterasu, along with actually having the ability to use Susanoo. He additionally nonetheless has a Six Path senjutsu given to him by Hagoromo.

2 – The 4 Kage

Regardless of being rejected by some followers, the brand new Kage are extremely highly effective and have proved able to going through enemies of the Otsutsuki caliber.

In the event that they have been under Naruto and Sasuke, now the extent is way more balanced.

3 – Borushiki

We discovered in chapter 55, too, that Momoshiki can management Boruto’s physique when the boy runs out of chakra. Being no less than 80% Otsutsuki at this level, Borushiki just isn’t as highly effective as Momoshiki was, however he’s nonetheless a power of nature.

He simply demolished Boro and attacked Sasuke Uchiha with sufficient velocity to forestall a protection and dodge. And the development is that it’ll develop into much more highly effective over time, as we noticed that occurred with Jigen.

4 – Code

We nonetheless do not know the way highly effective Code will be, particularly now that it has develop into the receptacle of Isshiki’s will. The truth that he grew to become the guard of the Juubi, along with being a flawed receptacle of Karma, means that he’s up there within the hierarchy of energy.

As he’ll develop into the primary antagonist with Isshiki’s defeat, let’s examine how highly effective he can develop into, in spite of everything.

5 – Koji Kashin

Regardless of the “humble” starting as a Jiraiya clone, it’s doable to say that Koji far surpassed the Sage Tarado. Not solely can he use the proper Sage Mode, he traded punches with Isshiki Otsutsuki, one of the vital highly effective characters to ever seem within the collection, and lived to inform the story.

We do not know the place he’s now, however he’s actually one of the vital harmful shinobi within the collection.

Boruto: Naruto Subsequent Generations is the direct sequel to Naruto Shippuden, each within the anime and within the manga.

On this new story, we accompany Boruto, son of Naruto. Along with their teammates from Crew 7, they stay new adventures and work together with outdated and new characters from the franchise.

Though the anime continues to be telling the story of younger Boruto, it has some good bows, bringing Naruto and Sasuke again, and tales the place the younger man is the primary protagonist.

The primary part of the anime tells the commencement of Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki within the ninja faculty, in addition to his first missions. After that, now we have the Chunin Examination, which adapts the movie Boruto: Naruto the Film and exhibits how Boruto obtained Karma.

At present, Boruto is adapting the third large arc of the manga, with the presentation of Kawaki, Kashin Koji, Jigen and different necessary characters within the story.

The anime will be adopted in full on Crunchyroll and will get new chapters each week.

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