These were Boruto’s best Taijutsu fights

Taijutsu, the ninja art of hand-to-hand combat, often ends up neglected by the series. Despite being the most impressive form of combat, it is also the most difficult to convince in a convincing way. And with Boruto being a weekly anime, it’s understandable that they focus on other types of skills.

But still, a good taijutsu is incredible to see and whenever it appears, the episode inevitably gets much better. So much so that most of the episodes where these battles took place that I will list are already in the memory of the fans.

Search for “Boruto gif” and you will understand… Or rather, get on this list of the best taijutsu fights in Boruto.

5 – Hanabi vs Boruto

When Boruto claims – wrongly – to have awakened the Byakugan, Boruto and Hinata take the boy to the Hyuuga dojo, where Hinabi decides to test this claim. At the base of the blow.

As this sparring session aims to test the boy, Hanabi doesn’t hold back much and really pushes Boruto up against the wall, which in turn gives his best.

The choreography is incredible, without exaggerated movements and quite evocative of martial combat, something that is not so present in the series.

4 – Konohamaru vs Juugo

The fight between Konohamaru and Juugo is very short, at least part of the physical fight between the two. But as one of the fighters, Juugo, is completely beside himself and is trying to kill his opponent, the fight has a tense aspect.

Another advantage of this fight is that Juugo can take a lot of damage because of his kekkei genkai, making it possible for Konohamaru to strike mercilessly.

The most iconic part of the fight, with Konohamaru crossing a kunai in Juugo’s face is one of the best moments among all of Boruto’s taijutsu fights.

3 – Sakura vs Shin Uchiha

Sakura’s evolution in Shippuden ended in Boruto, turning the annoying little girl into a powerful, feared and respected combatant. One who did not know this was Shin “Uchiha”, who ended up kidnapping her unintentionally.

Sakura was harmless until she discovered the information she wanted, but it wasn’t long before she decided to fill the bizarre villain with a beating.

And despite facing an opponent covered in eyes with Sharingan and who even had a version of the Mangekyou Sharingan, Sakura put Shin on the wall and was only down in the fight after Shin used one of his special jutsu.

Even when Sasuke arrives to help in the fight, it is Sakura who gives the final blow, in an incredible teamwork between the two lovebirds.

2 – Kawaki vs Garo

The most recent of the fights, the fight between the Kara member and the fugitive receptacle was to elevate the series even more. And in one of the most enduring fights in the series to date, the flow of change in advantage was really interesting.

Except for a shot or two of energy, the fight is very close. The two are constantly striking with the intention of ending the fight, as in a fight between two heavyweights.

It is incredible and one more justification for the significant improvement that the anime has had during the last times.

1 – Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki

After all, the best episodes of the series are still those that adapt the events of Boruto’s film: The Movie, with the Otsutsuki invasion.

Since Momoshiki can absorb ninjutsu, the only way to deal with the villain is, literally, at the base of the punch.

And although the villain Otsutsuki had a small advantage at the beginning of the match, Naruto and Sasuke soon shortened the distance and, working together, started to stand out.

The taijutsu between Momoshiki and Naruto and then between Naruto and Sasuke against Momoshiki is one of the best animations in the series and perhaps of all time. It is certainly the best among the best Taijutsu fights in Boruto.

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