They fell in love with everyone! Mackenzie Dern, the UFC fighter who is viral on Instagram

Few hours ago, Mackenzie dern was very active in Instagram, making fans of UFC. The extraordinary fighter not only stands out within the most important octagon in the world, but also for her beauty and physique. Being that way, he showed himself posing for the camera, catching the gaze of all his followers. “Step by step, day by day πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ”, he wrote next to the photo.

Notably Mackenzie dern He has a 9-1 record as a professional and currently ranks eleven in the Strawweight division of UFC. Her motivation goes through her daughter and husband, so she wants to be the best fighter for them. Something that he already demonstrated before is that he seeks to leave everything in each climb to the most important octagon in the world in Mixed Martial Arts. 2021 may be your year and no one doubts about that.

“Before my daughter was born, I thought I was focused on that moment, but now I see that I was a little more rebellious when I was younger,” was what he began by expressing to the press. Being so, Mackenzie made it clear that he lived a more carefree lifestyle before his daughter was born. Between parties, trips and more, he never imagined that his life would change so much. “I was single, I did not have this supportive family to keep you on earth,” he said.

Taking into account the above, Dern assured that his head is no longer the same and that he only looks at his family and being able to get the title in UFC. β€œI really see the potential to be the champion. I see the title. I can see. Now it is in my vision, “he summarized, making it clear that he is not for games and that he will go for everything in 2021. Her beautiful figure also leaves her among the most beautiful in the company.

His last battle

In it UFC 256, Mackenzie dern he began to slowly make his way to the title of his division. He defeated Virna Jandiroba and ended up with a broken nose. In that sense, he commented: β€œI don’t think I’ve had a lot of blood in a fight before, so when I got it, it didn’t hurt that much. I just heard the sound. But when I started to see all the blood, I thought, ‘Okay, maybe it’s a cut.’ I’m praying it’s a cut! Then in the corner, I asked my coach, ‘Is it broken?’ And I think he said, ‘Oh no! It’s fine!”.

Mackenzie Dern.
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