Thinjen leaked onlyf videos and photos on reddit and twitter

Fears of an AI takeover have gripped the world of adult content as OnlyF stars fear their jobs could be hijacked by AI models. Some people have been known to make absolutely no money from subscription-based apps, with celebrities like Blac Chyna raking in a whopping $20m (£17.7m) a month.

MRandom News Thinjen leaked onlyf videos and photos on reddit and twitter

According to OnlyF Top 10 Earners of 2022, Bella Thorne comes in second, raking in a whopping $11m (£9.7m) a month on the platform. Of course, it’s not just celebrities who are betting on it — thousands of people have given up their 9-to-5 lives in favor of their OnlyF careers.

With so much money involved, it’s no surprise that some content creators were concerned when a series of photos showcasing AI-generated models went viral. In the first photo, four nearly identical blonde women in black lingerie stand arm in arm and face the camera.

The second image, created by artist The Realist, shows hyper-realistic models in pink lingerie posing in similar poses, with social media suggesting they were created using artificial intelligence software. User @heartereum said on Twitter, “Apparently this image and others went viral on social media as women were observing and arguing about whether the girls were AI generated.”

They followed the news by creating a variety of images similar to OnlyF using Uberrealistic, an artificial intelligence generator that uses sophisticated techniques to create realistic images of people, places, and objects. Honestly, it’s hard to tell the difference between these photos and the ones you’ll find on the app.