This is a detail about the Saitama building of One Punch Man that few fans of the series know about!

One Punch Man is a complete and absolute success, but we can’t say that the series is usually based on elements of real life, right?

Fortunately, the real world doesn’t have weird monsters or super powerful bald superheroes capable of beating anyone with just one punch. But there is a detail about the One Punch Man series, more specifically about the Saitama building, which few fans know about.

It exists in real life, and is identical to that of manga and anime!

Even the most specific details like antennas and signaling plates are present in the manga, with slight changes. This is not only due to the whims of ONE’s eccentricities, but also to the whims of Yusuke Murata.

In case you were curious, know that you can visit Saitama’s building at this address on Google Maps. Maybe one day, as soon as the pandemic is over, you can go there in person too, right?

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The manga of One Punch Man is published monthly in Japan and currently the work has two seasons adapted for the anime.

Both seasons can be seen on Crunchyroll, along with Mob Psycho 100, the adaptation of another manga authored by One.

Recently, a special OVA focused on Bang and Atomic Samurai was announced that will come along with the second volume of the second season’s Blu-Ray / DVD.

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