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This is certainly the best tattoo that a Naruto fan could get

That weekend I got a tattoo honoring one of my favorite works, a “Hakuna Matata” on the forearm – celebrating the best Disney music of all time.

So I really understand what makes some fans mark references or portraits of their favorite anime, books, movies, drawings.

But while many are reproducing tattoo clichés (like a Hakuna Matata in their arms …), some go there and pop the balloon’s mouth with an incredible idea.

It is the case of the reddit user Zsoist who made the sealing of eight signs in the belly, just like the one used in Naruto by Minato Namikaze to seal the Nine-Tailed Fox in the Protagonist.

The best tattoo a Naruto fan could get

This seal had the specific purpose of weakening over time, allowing the host to have more and more contact with the Tailed Beast, being able to get used to this new energy and even communicate with the bijuu.

The only problem with this young tattooed seal is that it has the addition of the Five Point Seal, made by Orochimaru to try to block Kurama’s chakra from invading Naruto – with the idea of ​​preventing the boy from becoming a problem.

However, being an odd-numbered seal over an even number, this creates a gross imbalance that prevented Naruto from even controlling his own chakra.

But on second thought, maybe he’ll use that excuse when he can’t walk in the water, right?

Naruto Shippuden was shown between the years 2007 and 2017, counting the second phase of the anime. In it, Naruto returns after two years of training with the mission to fight Akatsuki and rescue Sasuke from the clutches of Orochimaru.

Altogether, the anime has 500 episodes, ending the story of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi and setting the stage for the direct continuation of the story.

The anime can be followed in full on Crunchyroll, along with classic Naruto and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, its direct sequel.

Accessing the site through this link, you get 14 days of free premium on a new subscription.

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