That is how Konohamaru may develop into Kurama’s jinchuuriki if Naruto died

After the discharge of chapter 51 of the manga Boruto, the franchise’s fandom has been fairly busy all through this month, primarily due to the brand new manner Naruto presents within the struggle towards Isshiki, which seems to be an advanced model of Kurama mode.

Nonetheless, as it’s mentioned in that very same chapter, this new transformation is a form of final resort utilized by Kyubi, which signifies that almost certainly our expensive Seventh Hokage has sentenced his demise.

With that, a lot has been speculated about what the way forward for the story can be, and one of many questions just lately raised by the fandom is the likelihood that earlier than dying Naruto may seal the 9 tails in one other particular person, and one of many ideas is Konohamaru, his everlasting “rival” and the present chief of Workforce 7.

Excited about how this could make sense throughout the logic of historical past, it might first be crucial that Naruto survive a little bit longer after the battle towards Isshiki, as at the moment these concerned in fight are solely Boruto and Sasuke. So, if he have been in a position to return to Konoha although he was badly injured, his final motion may very well be to decide on Kurama’s subsequent jinchuuriki.

Though initially many might imagine that Boruto could be a greater candidate, Naruto is aware of very nicely how troublesome it was to take care of the 9-Tails to start with, and he most likely would not wish to hand that duty over to his son. Moreover, as Boruto remains to be branded with Karma, making him Kurama’s jinchuuriki means taking the chance of Momoshiki possibly use that energy sooner or later.

On this case, Konohamaru it could be the best alternative, as along with being an skilled ninja and one of many individuals Naruto trusts most, his inheritance from the Sarutobi clan naturally grants him distinctive vitality and willpower, which might be important to accommodate the massive Kyubi chakra .

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