This is how Piccolo could overcome Goku in Dragon Ball Super

It’s been a long time since we had the opportunity to see Piccolo overcoming Goku and Vegeta. In fact, the last time this happened was there at Cell’s arc, when Piccolo merged with Kami Sama and became much more powerful.

Dragon Ball Z ended up greatly expanding the power difference between the Saiyans and Piccolo. But is there a way that Piccolo can overcome Goku and Vegeta again?

Supposedly yes, and that shape was presented in Dragon Ball super, during the arc of the Tournament of Power. There, we saw that the Nameks of Universe 6 resorted to a very peculiar technique to increase their powers: they merged the entire population of Nameks until there were only two left: Saonel and Pilina.

The decision may seem a little weird, but it worked. In the end, the two were able to handle Piccolo himself and Gohan without any major problems.

Therefore, it is possible to imagine that if one day it was necessary – or if Akira Toriyama decided to exploit Piccolo’s strength again, he could cause our favorite Namek to seek to merge with Saonel and Pilina, or to seek out the population of Namekuseijins in the world. Universe 7 itself to obtain the same result.

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Dragon Ball Super is currently on hiatus. The anime ended in March 2018 with the end of the Tournament of Power.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the manga continues to be published monthly with unprecedented adventures.

In this new phase, Goku and Vegeta face a new challenge: Granolah, the survivor. This character suffered at the hands of the Saiyans at the behest of Freeza in the past, and now seeks revenge.

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