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This is the difference between Minato Namikaze’s Flying Thunder God Technique and Tobirama Senju in Naruto Shippuden

Tobirama Senju is known to be the creator of the Flying Thunder God Technique, a forbidden jutsu that allows the user to cross the battlefield at speeds unimaginable in Naruto Shippuden.

Years later, Minato Namikaze honed Tobirama Senju’s technique and reportedly became faster and more effective than the Second Hokage. But after all, is there any difference between Minato Namikaze’s Flying Thunder God Technique and Tobirama Senju, since we are talking about a teleportation jutsu?

Yes there is. And in fact it is worth remembering that the Flying Thunder God Technique is not necessarily a teleport. But take it easy, we’ll explain.

Tobirama Senju created the Flying Thunder God Technique, allowing the user to travel from point A to point B from a parallel dimension, with the aid of specific stamps. In short, what happens is the second: the user “opens” a portal to another dimension with the aid of a specific seal, is transported to another dimension, and can leave at another point in the space marked with the same seal almost instantly.

However, the Flying Thunder God Technique seems to have a very peculiar feature that makes all the difference when comparing the jutsu used by the two Hokages: the speed that the user is “sucked” into another dimension is not instantaneous.

Thus, one of the main enhancements created by Minato Namikaze was to improve the technique created by Tobirama Senju to the point of increasing the absorption speed by the parallel dimension, making his speed in the use of the Flying Thunder God Technique more than that of Tobirama Senju.

Another interesting detail is that Minato Namikaze also managed to find a way to combine the Flying Thunder God Technique with the Shadow Clone, being able to spread his clones across the battlefield and used as markings to travel quickly to one place and another.

Thus, we can affirm that there are great differences between the Flying Thunder God Technique of the Second and the Fourth Hokage.

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