This is what would happen if Zamasu had found out about Jiren instead of Goku in Dragon Ball Super

Zamasu, the then-apprentice of Supreme Lord Kaio from Universe 10 is known to have gained a lot of power after stealing Goku’s body. He then used Goku’s power to achieve his noble purpose: to eradicate all humans.

If you remember well, the only time Vegeta and Goku managed to fight on equal terms with Zamasu was when they merged into Vegito Blue. Fused Zamasu was really strong because of his immortality.

But what would have happened if Zamasu had found Jiren first, instead of Goku? Would it have been more problematic if Zamasu stole Jiren’s body? The villain barely saw Goku’s real strength, and Goku was holding on to that fight. What if Zamasu had witnessed Jiren’s power before?

What would have happened if Zamasu had discovered Jiren

Even if Jiren was holding on, he is still much stronger than Goku Super Saiyan 2. Zamasu would have done anything to get Jiren’s power. The first thing that would probably happen would be Toppo and company discovering that their Supreme Lord Kaio and God of Destruction were killed together with Jiren (in Zamasu’s body), the members of the Pride Squad would then go after … Jiren Black. Jiren Black would be able to easily eliminate all members of the pride troop, to finally get on with his initial plan.

Jiren Black would then eradicate humans in his timeline and then work together with Zamasu of the future. Future Trunks would go back to the past to get reinforcements, just like it did in the anime. Goku and Vegeta would encounter Jiren and his overwhelming power for the first time in the Future Trunks timeline. They would be defeated and sent back to their original timeline, just like in the anime as well.

And just like the anime, they would return to the Trunks timeline and be defeated again. But this time, instead of turning into Vegito Blue as a last resort, Jiren Black’s attack on Vegeta when he protected Future Trunks would not only hurt Vegeta, it would kill him.

With Vegeta’s death, Goku’s awakening and exhaustion and Jiren Black’s overwhelming power, Goku would awaken the Higher Instinct for the first time. the Saiyan might be able to dominate the Higher Instinct still in the Trunks timeline, but it would be very different from what we saw in the Tournament of Power.

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